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2200 East 25th Street, Minneapolis MN 55404
We are open!
Cage Free Daycare and Boarding
Fun City Dogs offers both Dog Daycare and Cage Free Boarding for your Dogs. We have over 15,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor play area. There is room to run and grassy areas to play!  

All Boarding is free roam with NO CAGES. The dogs are allowed to play all day and sleep in a living room environment at night for boarding. That is as close to home as you can get. A staff member is on hand to pet, supervise and play with your dog both night and day. Once you see our dog boarding area, you will not want your dog any other place.

Dog daycare is daytime playtime with a full day of fun and activities for your dog. We have both indoor and outdoor time for your dog. We have the biggest outdoor area in the twin cities. The dogs love to chase and play in our grassy outdoor yard. The dogs are fully supervised and played with through out the day. We are open 7 days a week.  We take daycare drop ins. 
Daycare/ Boarding
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Good Evening. We have implemented safety protocols to keep us all healthy and continue to social distance. There will be some changes made for us to reopen.

1. We are open everyday for daycare and boarding.

2.We will require an appointment for ALL DOGS attending daycare.  We are taking last minute reservations, so feel free to submit the reservation and come right over.

3.The front door has a new gated entry. 
        A. If you are wearing a mask, you can come inside for pick up and drop offs.

If you do not want to come inside:
        a.Please call from outside.
        b.Place your dog into the gate box. 
        c.Step out of the gate box, but do not leave until you verify we have taken your dog inside.             (video will follow).
        d.Going home will be the same procedure in reverse.  
        e.Let us know if you need any dog food or treats and we will send them out with your dog.

4.All payments will be made online, please make sure your account is updated with your credit card info. 

5.If you are sick, or someone in your household has been sick, please keep your dogs home. As much as we want them to hang out with us, we would rather you stay home until you are healthy!

Thank you for being here for us during this stressful time. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call us.

Our phone number for drop off or pick up is 612-722-3647
Video showing drop off and pick up procedure.